The UKCP18 High-Resolution Data Launch takes place in London on 16 September

The UKCP18 High-Resolution Data Launch will take place in London on 16 September. The 2.2km resolution is important for rainfall intensity changes and flood risk.

Murray Dale, Technical Director in Hydrometeorology, is one of four invited ‘specialist users’ of UKCP18 data and will be presenting on the uses of high resolution precipitation data to estimate impacts of future changes in rainfall intensity over the UK. This will have implications for future flood risk, especially in surface water flood prone areas, sewer systems, fast-responding catchments and for pollution control from sewerage systems.

The UKCP18

The updated UK Climate Projections, UKCP18, were released in November 2018. These projections enable a better understanding of the potential effects of climate change on the UK’s Natural Capital. The UKCP 18 were developed through significant user engagement taking into account state of the art global climate models, innovative regional climate model and up to date observational data.

What are the key differences between UKCP09 and UK CP18?

  • An update of the probabilistic projections
  • Regional projections at a 12km and 2.2km resolution
  • Updated sea level rise projections with new exploratory method going up to 2300

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Want to know more?

Email Murray Dale for more information about the conference or the new UKCP18 climate projections.

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