The River Derwent at Kexby


The River Derwent at Kexby is embanked with the floodplain on both banks being disconnected from the channel. These floodbanks were only constructed in the 1990s and were identified in the Derwent River Restoration Plan as being suitable for removal.

The floodbanks themselves were constructed by the landowners therefore, there was no record of what the floodbanks were actually constructed from.


We were commissioned in 2016 to undertake an options appraisal on the reach to include a full topographic survey, utilities search, cultural heritage assessment, soil sampling and an eco-geomorphological survey of the river.

Following this a number of options for the reach were developed and then discussed with the landowners before they were presented to a stakeholder group meeting. This led to the design and costing up of a preferred option ready for implementation.

The design chosen was the breaching of the floodbanks on the left bank upstream of Kexby Bridge and the creation of a backwater within a new wet woodland, a habitat lacking on the lower Derwent.


The chosen design will allow existing woodland areas to be connected-up and will provide spawning areas for juvenile fish and resting and nesting locations for species such as Otter and Kingfisher.

For more information on this project please contact Kieran Sheehan.

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