Targeted Flood Warning System for the Environment Agency


The Environment Agency (EA) needed to deliver a service that provided real-time, targeted flood warnings to organisations covered by the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA). This included energy, transport, telecommunication, water and utility companies.  These organisations often have assets (buildings, structures) at hundreds or even thousands of locations throughout England and Wales; they need to know if there is any immediate flood risk that could disrupt their ability to provide public services so that they can act and respond appropriately.


We developed the Targeted Flood Warning Service (TFWS) to provide this service.  The TFWS is a web application delivered to Government Digital Service design standards and branding.  The application interfaces with data from the EA as well as CCA assets, with Asset Managers at CCA organisations able to view a live map of flood warnings in relation to their assets, with any current alert or warning status shown.  As a result, organisations are able to implement their response procedures in a more efficient and timely manner.  The system automatically sends out warning messages, providing notice of the assets being affected by flood warnings as a stand-by / preparedness notification as well as a stand-down once the risks have receded.

As a critical service for the EA, the solution system architecture was designed to be highly available, using load balancers with multiple application servers and replicated database servers.


The service is being used by over 100 organisations, more than 1,000 users and contains over 70,000 assets.  It performs an important role in helping vital public services remain available in the event of a flooding emergency.

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