Flood Risk Asset Inspections (T98) in Northern Ireland

Location: Northern Ireland                             Client: Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Rivers


In July of 2020 we were commissioned by DfI Rivers to undertake visual condition assessments of 62 Flood Risk Assets in Northern Ireland. The 62 assets were broken down into 5 asset categories: Engineered Fluvial Defences, Engineered Coastal Defences, Significant Agricultural Defences, Agricultural Banks and Channel Conveyance Structures.


The defences were split into two areas, Strabane and Limavady, and covered a combined distance of over 45km. Many of these assets are located in rural settings which often have difficult access that needs to be negotiated. This also poses challenges to the health and safety of inspectors carrying out this type of work as they are lone working and often in remote locations.


The assets were walked by a single inspector over the course of 8 days completing inspections on JBA’s own iPad app, GISMapp. The inspector walked the full length of each asset using previous reports, satellite imagery and their own skills and knowledge to access each site safely. Upon arrival at the start of a defence, the inspector would begin walking its length, recording details of damages and defects, general structural commentary, providing recommendations, taking a series a photographs and assigning condition grades and weightings to each asset’s element, which was then used to calculate the overall asset condition grade. This is more commonly known as a T98 Inspection, and is in line with the Environment Agency’s own flood risk asset inspections. Our inspectors have received full EA T98 accreditation training. Where an asset couldn’t be accessed due to issues such as dense vegetation over, detailed comments and recommendations were made to ensure that improvements were made for reinspection.

Health and safety are at the forefront of all our projects, and this project had been deemed safe for lone working. The inspections were carried out using iPads which enabled the office-based team to live track the inspectors iPad while they were completing inspections. The inspector also had to communicate with the office via SMS, WhatsApp or phone call every hour.


Walking the full length of each asset enables the client and asset owner to have a better understanding of the full condition of their assets, since an asset is only as strong as its weakest point. We were able to complete all the inspections assigned as part of the project. This ensured the client would benefit from the information collected and they could review the condition reports produced for each asset and had photos to view for every defect recorded so they could also see the condition of their assets.

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