Supporting the Environment Agency’s PLP programme

We are supporting the Environment Agency’s (EA) extensive programme of Property Level Protection (PLP) schemes across Wessex, and have recently completed the latest 2-day emergency exercise in West Somerset. A number of properties at risk from fluvial and surface water flooding were included in an EA PLP scheme. We joined representatives from the EA, UK Flood Barriers (supplier and installer), and CH2M Hill (clients representative), as well as the voluntary local flood wardens for the villages.

The EA project manager Richard Shillito said, “It has been fantastic to work with the Old Cleeve Parish flood coordinators as the PLP scheme developed. Their efforts on the exercise day, talking to those at risk of flooding, and finding out what help residents would need in the event of a flood, was fantastic. The community seem very pleased with the help that we’ve been able to give them, and are taking it further with their flood plan to reduce the impacts that a flood would have on their communities.”

Emergency exercises help:

  • to make sure residents know how to install or operate their measures.
  • to make sure residents are signed up to receive flood warnings.
  • flood wardens introduce themselves to local residents.
  • flood wardens understand the specific arrangements to managing flooding at each property, and to understand the wider community considerations such as any elderly or vulnerable residents.
  • to remind residents about how to store and maintain their products.

The installation of the PLP, the development of the local emergency flood plan with local flood wardens, and the emergency exercise have all helped to improve community resilience.

Want to find out more?

Contact Phil Emonson for more details about this scheme or the flood resilience work we do.


  • Christina Ward

    I am trying to obtain some advice. We had PLP Flood prevention products fitted about 3 years ago as part of the Government Scheme. I think our initial point of contact was Andrew Hunter.
    I understand that the firm which fitted our products has subsequently gone into liquidation. All the doors have always been stiff. However, there is one set which we have had to leave open for the last three weeks even while we went on holiday. I think the barriers are called Flood Angel. Presumably, the doors were the same. A representative of the EA visited about a year ago to find out if the contract had been completed but I have no contact details for her.

    • Sophie Bunker

      Hello Christina, thanks for your enquiry.

      I’ve forwarded your comment to our PLP team who will be in touch in due course.

      Kind regards


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