Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing at JBA

At JBA, we believe that the wellbeing and mental health of our colleagues is as important as their safety. That’s why as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re sharing some of the ways we support our colleagues – including our network of 25 qualified Mental Health First Aiders across our business.

We recognise that work can sometimes have an impact on your wellbeing and personal life and we want our staff to know that their well-being is our priority. At JBA, our Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) are there to spot the signs of mental health issues, offer initial help and guide our staff towards professional support where needed. Although they aren’t trained therapists, they are always there to listen, reassure and respond. We have MHFA at all our JBA offices to support our colleagues across the business.

Their key responsibilities include:

· To listen non-judgementally and hold supportive conversations using the MHFA action plan

· To signpost people to professional help, recognising that their role as an MHFA does not replace the need for ongoing support

Our wellbeing strategy

We hope that providing our employees with a wellbeing strategy, along with mental health support and advice, gives them the tools to keep themselves happy and the ability to support others. It can also help to:

· Build our employee’s confidence to have open conversations around mental health and break the stigma

· Encourage people to access support early when needed, for a faster recovery

· Promote a mentally healthy environment, stopping preventable issues and allowing people to thrive and become more productive

· Embed a long term positive culture across our whole organisation, where our employees recognise their mental and physical health are supported as equal parts of the whole person

“I’ve always been extremely passionate about mental health that when I learned there was opportunity for me to be a mental health first aider, I jumped at the chance. For me, the rewarding part of this role is it allows me to provide support from a more informed perspective. As a MHFA we aren’t there to give advice or solutions, we are there to listen and guide. Having a framework that can offer guidance and next steps to someone, no matter what mental health or wellbeing challenge we are facing, builds confidence that people aren’t alone, there are options, and interventions through this role that can really help improve someone’s life.” Evie Whatling, Mental Health First Aider, Wallingford office.

Want to know more?

We want a career at JBA to be happy and rewarding, which is why supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our people is really important to us. For more information about careers with JBA, click here.

For additional resources, support and guidance on Mental Health visit

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