Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Toolkit for Lead Local Flood Authorities

Innovation is an integral part of what we do at JBA, and this week we’ve been finding out about a cutting-edge geospatial toolkit developed by our sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) specialists.

We have developed an online map-centric toolkit to support Lead Local Flood Authorities with assessing and responding to the surface water drainage aspects of planning applications, as part of their role as statutory consultee in the planning process.

The toolkit allows SuDS officers to:

  • View spatial flood risk information for a development site on a web-based GIS style map viewer
  • Query flood risk information for a development site
  • Input information from a planning application using quick and easy drop-down menus
  • Sensibility check attenuation storage and greenfield runoff calculations for a development site
  • Produce a summary of site flood risk and SuDS suitability information for their records
  • Produce a pre-populated application response letter with advice tailored based on the results of the queries and information inputted.
  • Produce a pre-populated SuDS officer checklist

National datasets such as Flood Zones, Risk of Flooding from Surface Water extent and hazard, watercourses etc. can be viewed and queried by the tool.  The datasets can be tailored by adding licensed datasets such as the JBA Groundwater Map, BGS SuDS suitability, and by including specific Local Authority datasets of local interest to SuDS officers, such as flood incident database, flood risk asset register, local historical flood outlines etc.  Underlying this is a location specific grid of greenfield runoff rates, and local rainfall profiles, which allow the tool to calculate attenuation storage volume checks.

Feedback from SuDS officers indicates that the tool is easy to use and is saving time and resources both in compiling the data and information needed to review an application, and in producing the advice to applicants. Outputs, including the pre-application response letter, can be adapted and branded to suit each Local Authority.

SuDS Toolkit for LLFAs blog
SuDS Toolkit: Map Interface
SuDS Toolkit for LLFAs blog
SuDS Toolkit: Detailed site summary output

Want to know more?

Email Anna Beasley for more information about SuDS support for Lead Local Flood Authorities. You can also learn more about our planning and developer services here.

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