SuDS for lead local flood authorities

Don’t miss our upcoming specialist training course: SuDS for Lead Local Flood Authorities.

Tailored to give attendees the opportunity to enhance current knowledge and understanding of hydrology, modelling and techniques behind the assessment of Flood Risk Assessments and Surface Water Drainage Strategies and applying practical methods to real-life situations.

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12-13 October 2021

This course is suitable for:

Lead Local Flood Authorities, Risk Management Authorities working with Lead Local Flood Authorities, as well as Local Planning Authorities, developers and consultants wishing to gain a greater insight of the LLFA statutory consultee role.

 What does the course cover?

This course aims to give attendees a clear understanding of standard techniques for estimating greenfield runoff rates, development runoff and storage volumes. It also covers approaches to hydraulic modelling, different types of model, what should be included in Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs)/Surface Water Drainage Strategies (SWDS) and key things to check when auditing them.

Module 1: Requirements for Flood Risk Assessments and Surface Water Drainage

This module summarises the impact of development on flood risk and how this is assessed, managed, and mitigated through FRAs and SWDS.

Module 2Overview of hydrology for development and planning

The second module in this course provides an overview of the main types of hydrology including rainfall estimates, runoff estimates and river flow estimates.

This module also covers rainfall estimation methods (FSR, FEH99, FEH13), methods for estimating runoff from greenfield and developed sites.

Module 3: Overview of modelling for development and planning

The third module provides an introduction to hydraulic modelling and an overview of the modelling software options available for FRAs and SWDS.

Module 4: Key points for auditing

The final module in this course will help attendees establish rules of thumb for hydrology estimates and is followed by a practical session to apply these standards to an example development site.

About the trainer – Fiona Hartland, MSci

Fiona is a Senior Analyst with over six years of experience working in flood risk management both at JBA Consulting and within a Lead Local Flood Authority. She has experience in a wide range of projects, including site-specific Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs), outline surface water drainage strategies, integrated modelling studies Strategic Flood Risk Assessments (SFRAs), as well as developing policy and guidance on sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) for Local Authorities.

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The course price is £340 (+VAT) per attendee.

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