Highlights from the South-West Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder project

Since September 2019, we have been a key project delivery partner on the Defra-funded South West Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Pathfinder. This project forms part of the government’s plan to create a nation ready for and resilient to climate change by helping communities to understand and manage their flood risk.

One of three DEFRA-commissioned pathfinder projects in England, the South West PFR Pathfinder project is led by Cornwall Council on behalf of the five Lead Local Flood Authorities in the South West. Reaching its conclusion at the end of this month, the project has focused on helping individuals, businesses and communities to understand their flood risk and to raise the awareness of Property Flood Resilience.

Holly Cavill looks back at the highlights of the South West PFR Pathfinder projects and tells us about some of the initiatives the project has delivered.

The Pathfinder was split into a series of work packages, with the JBA Project Team supporting the delivery of the following:

Baseline Study

Base line study - South West Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder

We completed a detailed data collection study to understand the historic use of PFR in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Information was collected from the Environment Agency as well as the 5 Lead Local Flood Authorities in the South West.
The study identified that 35 PFR Schemes have been completed in the South West, providing PFR to over 700 properties over the last decade. This study also identified barriers to the uptake and delivery of PFR that need to be overcome to help mainstream the delivery of this type of flood risk management scheme.

The Environment Agency National PFR Framework

As the use of PFR grows across the UK, it is important that high standards are achieved throughout the industry. The Environment Agency has developed a National PFR Framework to ensure PFR is used to a high standard, and delivered consistently and professionally across the UK. The South West PFR Pathfinder has supported each Lead Local Flood Authority in signing up to the framework.

The PFR Toolbox

We have worked closely with the Pathfinder Team to develop a wide range of resources to raise awareness of Property Flood Resilience and provide information and guidance to those living and working at flood risk. These include:


BeFloodReady logo

The BeFloodReady Campaign was launched in September 2020 to provide information on Property Flood Resilience and flood risk management in the South West. We helped to developed a brand, website and social media presence to help promote the initiative and raise awareness.

Website: www.befloodready.uk         Twitter: @BeFloodReady

BeFloodReady PFR bookletPFR Information Booklet

The JBA Project Team worked with Communities Prepared, a Lottery funded national community resilience programme, to create the BeFloodReady PFR Information Booklet. This booklet has become a valuable resource and has been used at a range of virtual events throughout the Pathfinder Project.

This booklet is now being used to provide information to homeowners about several  PFR Schemes, creating an excellent resource for future PFR schemes and community engagement projects.

You can find a copy of the booklet at: www.befloodready.uk/resources

Aardman Animations – Missy’s Tale

This summer, we launched a specially commissioned Aardman Animations short film – ‘BeFloodReady – Missy’s Tale’.

Aardman Animations are the world famous, four times Academy Award® winning animation studio, creators of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Creature Comforts and Chicken Run.

There will always be communities where a traditional flood defence scheme is unviable. Thankfully though, there are more effective flood protection options than simply relying on a sandbag. And we thought, what better way than an engaging and professionally produced film by Aardman Animations to help with raising awareness and wider takeup of property flood protection and resilience options!

Watch Missy’s Tale here.

PFR Animations

Over the last few months, we have been working with a creative video agency to produce a series of short PFR animations. In total, 13 animations have been produced, each focussing on one type of PFR and demonstrating how each product type can help to reduce water ingress into a property. The animations are simple and clear, helping you to understand PFR and identify products that may be suitable for your property.

You can watch all 13 of the BeFloodReady short animations here:  www.befloodready.uk/pfr-products

Business Awareness

Our awareness raising activities for businesses at flood risk have focussed on climate change and its impact on future flood risk. We have worked with Climate Vision to run a series of 6 workshops with businesses across the South West, allowing them to be climate champions!

Residential Awareness

We have worked in collaboration with the Environment Agency, Devon Communities Together and Cornwall Community Flood Forum to run a series of online workshops for individual and communities at flood risk. These workshops aimed to introduce flood risk management and PFR, providing key information that could be disseminated throughout the rest of the community.

South West Climate Change Centre - part of the SW Property Flood Resilience pathfinder
South West Climate Change Centre at Heartlands in Cornwall

Demonstration Site

The South West Climate Change Centre at Heartlands in Cornwall will open in September 2021. The interactive studio showcases PFR, demonstrating how to make homes and businesses more resilient to flooding. We are also developing a Virtual South West Climate Studio, so that visitors can find out more of climate change, flooding and PFR from anywhere in the world.

Want to know more?

Email Phil Emonson (Project Manager) or Holly Cavill (Project Officer) for more information about the South West PFR Pathfinder – or head over to the BeFloodReady website: www.befloodready.uk

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