Site visits and snorkelling – Andrew Fielding on secondment with JBPacific

With the second month of Andrew Fielding’s secondment at JBPacific well underway, in his latest update, he shares more about his recent site visits and project work – as well as some out-of-work adventures, which have included snorkelling, sandboarding and a visit to Australia Zoo.

Week 5

Another week has flown by here in Brisbane. A lot of my time this week went towards a two-day site visit to Melbourne, Victoria to conduct hydrology assessments at a number of recently flooded properties to determine the source of inundation – fluvial, groundwater and/or stormwater run-off. I can’t say I’ve ever had to fly for a site visit before so that was an experience!

Site visits and snorkelling - Andrew Fielding on secondment with JBPacific - Melbourne sign

To prepare for the trip Eoghain and Sam have been a great help in showing me the ropes and talking through a couple of their past reports. Desk based-GIS analysis was conducted for each of the sites being visited; investigating DTM data and gauge records to try and build up a virtual picture of what conditions were like at the time. This background exercise turned out to be invaluable as it allowed for a more targeted ground investigation to be conducted.

The trip also proved to be an excellent opportunity to utilise GISMapp within JBP. It certainly came in handy for recording site observations and being able to instantly store/share geotagged data back to the office. Hopefully, something that can be utilised more going forward as the application provides great flexibility for quickly recording site observations.

Site visits and snorkelling - Andrew Fielding on secondment with JBPacific - GISMapp Overview

To end the week, it was time to wind down in the sunshine and have our first Australian BBQ – thanks for hosting Dan!

Week 6 and 7

There are only 9 working days now until I’ve wrapped up my time here in Brisbane with JBP. The last couple of weeks have been largely focused on writing up reports for the site assessments I completed down in Melbourne.

They’ve had yet more bad weather down in the south-east of the country. This rather dramatic footage was captured of Wyangala Dam which shows it spilling over the embankment:

A recent presentation from the Bureau of Meteorology at the Floodplain Management Australia conference highlighted that the weather pattern in Australia at the moment is largely being driven by a Negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and La Niña conditions. Resulting in the oceans all around Australia being warmer than normal.


The team here in Brisbane have been doing some great work with JFlow software. We’ve produced some neat animations showing potential risk to property as a result of poor asset condition. The animation below is purely speculative but shows how a blocked structure can result in risk to properties as flow is diverted out of the bank – with a pretty impressive level of detail.


The team here are now exploring ways to integrate JFlow into their forecasts to automate and produce near real-time flood simulations quickly.

Adventures outside of work

We took a visit to Moreton Island and managed to do some snorkelling, kayaking and sandboarding. There were plenty of fish to see amongst the shipwrecks – thankfully no sharks in sight.

I’ve also been trying to continue climbing whilst I’ve been over here – and visited a climbing centre in Newstead which was recently refurbished due to some pretty severe flooding earlier in the year. As well as some outdoor climbing at Kangaroo Point. A final highlight of this week was a trip to Australia Zoo!

Site visits and snorkelling - Andrew Fielding on secondment with JBPacific

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