Shire Group attends Bentley Bonanza

The Bentley Bonanza is a community event taking place on Sunday 10 July in Bentley Park, Doncaster. We will be demonstrating the work we do through the use of interactive physical models such as the JBA Trust mini flume, tractors and pumping stations.

Ian Benn and Paul Jones, from the Shire Group team, will be attending the Bentley Bonanza this weekend. They will be accompanied by Steven Benson, Andrew Binns and Kevin Binns who represent the Danvm DC Workforce. They aim to raise the profile of Internal Drainage Boards (IDB’s), the annual maintenance services undertaken by Danvm DC, and the Water Level Management and promotion of Total Catchment Management work they undertake.

The Shire Group of IDBs manages 2,000 km of ordinary watercourse and 136 pumping stations over an area of 127,000 hectares. This includes the Danvm Drainage Commissioners situated to the north and western parts of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, who maintain 400 km of watercourse (the distance from the Yorkshire Dales to London!) and 46 pumping stations.

Want to find out more?

Please contact Ian Benn or Paul Jones for more information on the project.

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