Sharing my experiences of a career using Science, Technology and Engineering

‘It all started at St Paul’s School for Girls in Birmingham where I went to school.’

This is what I said to the girls when I was invited back to share my experiences of how I became an Analyst at JBA.

Sharing experiences

There were 165 Year 7 students eagerly waiting to hear how I’d chosen my career and gain an insight into working at JBA. I gave them an overview of what I do on a daily basis, showing them examples of how the work I do is applicable to the real world – looking at flooding associated with Storm Desmond and how we use data to plan for flood events. Many of the younger girls were not aware of or hadn’t even considered a career doing this so it was great to discuss what had sparked my interest in the weather at an early age.

I also talked to Year 12 and 13 Geography groups as flooding forms part of the A Level syllabus they are currently studying and gave them an insight into a career they might consider after University.

It was a great opportunity to help inspire the girls and encourage them to look at the careers available to them and I’m looking forward to going back again in future to meet with the A-Level students.

This is an excellent way of forging links between education and industry, giving the girls an insight into what they could be doing after education and showing them the opportunities available.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to find out more about how we can work with your school, please get in touch with Alex Scott or visit the JBA Trust website.

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