Secondment experience – Review of flood warning in South Yorkshire

This week Katherine Dixon, Hydraulic Modeller and Analyst shares her experience of a recent secondment placement, working as part of a multi-disciplinary team with the Environment Agency Yorkshire and North East Region, to review current Flood Warning procedures.

The November 2019 floods had a significant impact on areas of South Yorkshire.

Following these floods, the Environment Agency Yorkshire and North East Region commissioned JBA to review the current Flood Warning procedures against observed hydrometric data from the November 2019 events. We were commissioned as part of the Next Generation Supplier Arrangements (NGSA) Modelling and Mapping Framework.

What did the review involve?

This review assessed the appropriateness of the Flood Warning Area shapes and trigger levels based on validation reports conducted days after the flood events.

To help validate the Flooding Warning Area shapes, the Record Flood Outline (RFO) was used to make sure that the First Property to Flood and known area of flooding from November 2019 were included within the Flood Warning Area. Using observed hydrometric data allowed the validation of current Flood Warning trigger levels to be assessed, based on information from patrol validation forms.

Collaborative working

The project allowed collaboration with the Flood Resilience team based in the Environment Agency’s Leeds office, with the work delivered by remote secondment.

This project also enabled internal collaboration within JBA through several projects helping to review the impacts of the November 2019 floods – from model calibration and mapping, to generating the Record Flood Outline (RFO).

The secondment provided an opportunity to foster our business relationships with colleagues within the Environment Agency Yorkshire and North East Region, while also sharing and enhancing the skills of our colleagues. Some of these skills include:

  • Communication – the impact of COVID-19 resulted in an increase in phone calls and virtual meetings to discuss issues, with the sharing of screens allowing both parties to see the issues being discussed.
  • Increased technical knowledge and understanding of flood warning and flood alerts procedures, generation and documentation.
  • Working with new people.
  • Building working relationship with external clients.

Want to know more?

We recognise the value that secondment opportunities offer our employees as part of their career development, with the chance to create new professional contacts and gain experience in a different organisational setting.

Visit our Careers page for more information about career opportunities and current vacancies within JBA.

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