Working with ClimateXChange to help the Scottish Government understand uptake of property flood resilience

We are working with ClimateXChange to help the Scottish Government understand uptake of property flood resilience. We have worked on delivering property resilience for some time in England and Wales and helped the Scottish Government develop a blueprint for Property Level Protection in 2014.

The recent review of flood risk by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has shown that 284,000 properties are at risk of flooding and this is estimated to rise to 394,000 by 2080 with current climate change predictions. There are currently 44 flood protection schemes in development in Scotland, but these can take several years to construct. 12,000 properties benefit from flood protection schemes in Scotland with around 5000 homes protected since the Flood Risk Management Act (2009). However, flood risk is currently growing more rapidly than we can reduce the risk through formal schemes alone.

Sand bags used as an emergency response to flooding are permeable and of limited benefit. Improving the resilience of our at risk properties through more robust property resilience or better resistance is important and can be less costly if carefully targeted. The Living with flooding action plan developed by the Property Flood Resilience Delivery Group builds on the earlier blueprint for property level protection to improve awareness of how to property owners can reduce their flood risk and the consequences of flooding.

The new study will provide a baseline of the uptake of flood resilience across Scotland and identify those properties that might benefit from resilience now and under a climate change scenario. This will inform policy decisions and better understand how to invigorate uptake of property resilience to current and future flood risk.

Want to know more?

David Bassett, Director at JBA Consulting will be presenting about property flood resilience on 31 January 2020 at the Flood Risk Management Conference 2020 in Glasgow. David’s presentation title is:  ‘How many properties are protected by flood risk management in Scotland?’

You can find out more about our property flood resilience services on our flood resilience webpages.

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