Rob Dalziel develops his ornithology knowledge

Rob Dalziel joined JBA as an Assistant Ecologist back in January this year. Within ecology one of his biggest interests is ornithology.

We have been supporting him to develop his skills in this area as part of his Continued Professional Development. Our culture promotes drive and innovation and we believe that learning and development is key to this. With Rob’s skills in this area we can further address our clients’ needs.

Out onsite

Last week Rob attended site with The Wildlife Trust and members of the Lincolnshire branch of The Barn Owl Conservation Network to monitor nest boxes previously installed in 2015/2016. It was a successful couple of days with 25 nest boxes checked. They managed to ring 25 Barn Owls, including 19 chicks, as well as 15 Stock Dove, four Kestrel chicks and one Buzzard fledgling.

Rob has also been out last week on Thorne Moors to set up mist nets to monitor populations of the rarely seen Nightjar. They managed to catch and ring two birds, and attach radio tracking devices. This means the birds’ migration paths can be monitored to further the scientific understanding of this species.

Barn Owl Class License

Rob will be continuing his professional development for bird surveys and will use this recent experience towards submitting his Barn Owl Class License application. The licence permits registered persons to disturb nesting barn owls by observation in the course of undertaking presence/absence and distribution surveys – specifically those that are intended to inform development proposals.

Want to know more?

Contact Robert Dalziel to find out more about his love for ornithology and his above project involvement.

Why not visit our ecology web pages for more information too. Kieran Sheehan, Ecology Lead, can also be contacted to discuss how we can support you in your ecology needs. Furthermore, our guide for development projects highlights the many areas that we can assist you on across your site.

Our experienced ecology team can help you understand the potential impacts of your project. They can advise you on ecological opportunities and constraints to support your development proposals.

JBA Barn owls                     JBA Barn owls chicks                    JBA Barn owls ringing

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