Reservoir undertakers in England to prepare flood plans for large raised reservoirs

During the last week it has become mandatory for reservoir undertakers of large raised reservoirs in England (including any under construction) to prepare a flood plan, a process which must be completed by April 2022.

These plans must include actions in order to prevent, control and mitigate an uncontrolled escape of water, instructions on how to carry out an emergency drawdown, the areas that may be flooded in the event of an uncontrolled escape of water, key risk factors or visual indicators that may indicate when the reservoir could fail and flooding occur and contact arrangements.

The need to prepare and establish effective response processes are fundamental to the protection of people, property and environment. With future implications from climate change and uncertainty over rainfall patterns, we understand the additional flexibility and resilience required in emergency planning for reservoirs across the UK. For example, we have undertaken national-scale reservoir flood mapping on behalf of the Environment Agency, aligned to the latest specifications and capturing technical advances in hydrology, dam break analysis, DTM improvements and computational hydraulic modelling to provide higher quality outputs, more efficiently and cost effectively.

Our emergency planning team bring experience in writing, testing and certifying reservoir flood plans across the UK. We regularly work with Category 1 and 2 responders, designing emergency flood plans, and delivering training and exercising. We are sole supplier to the Environment Agency’s Incident Management Training and Exercising framework, and our JEMS software allows plans to be tested virtually.

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For more information on how we can help you prepare a mandatory flood plan email Jeremy Benn.

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