Recovering from the devastating winter floods – and now Coronavirus.

So many aspects of our lives have changed as we continue to adjust to the challenges brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic. Our hearts go out to the many people that were affected by the winter flooding. Many homeowners and businesses were counting the cost and trying to come to terms with the devastation and damage from flooding caused by Storm Ciara and Dennis. Once again people’s furniture and possessions were piled up on pavements; the insurance claim process had begun; families had to move into temporary accommodation; and businesses lost income and faced the risk of closure.

And then Coronavirus arrived, bringing serious health concerns and strict lockdown restrictions. One can only imagine the human cost and the stress on families and communities and all our thoughts are with everyone affected.

JBA Helping communities move forward after Storm Desmond

The Government’s Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Recovery grant

As part of the response to the winter floods, property owners are being given a helping hand to make their home or business more flood resilient in the future, thanks to funding assistance from the Government’s Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Recovery grant scheme. Grants of up to £5,000 are available to help people with the cost of buying and installing more effective measures, to limit the damage should they be flooded in the future. This can include new flood barriers, replacing doors and windows with water resistant alternatives and the provision of non-return valves and pumps. The grant can also help with adapting the internal fabric of a property to increase flood resilience, such as use of waterproof plaster, tiled floors and moving electricity sockets to a higher level.

The selection of appropriate options should be informed by an independent property flood risk assessment and survey. The Recovery Grant makes an allowance of £500 for such surveys from qualified flood risk professionals, providing impartial advice independent of product manufacturers, as well as post-installation audits. Experience has shown this helps ensure the options selected are appropriate for each community, homeowner or business, as well as the nature and likelihood of flooding.JBA Helping communities move forward after Storm Desmond

So, amidst all the challenges surrounding Coronavirus, help is on hand if your property was affected by the winter flooding. We have extensive experience of providing the independent property flood risk assessment surveys and reports. These can then be used by your chosen building or PFR contractor to inform their selection of the most suitable flood protection measures. And once the contractor has completed their works, we can provide a post-installation report that can be shared with your insurer as evidence of the steps taken to improve flood resilience.

Want to know more?

For further information on the PFR Recovery Grant and if you’d like to find out more about independent flood risk property surveys, please contact Beth Jones. 

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