Ramsay Development Site

Date: 2018 – 2020            Location: Bradley Road, Stourbridge             Client: Revelan UK


We were commissioned to undertake a flood risk assessment to support the planning application, environmental permit, detailed design, discharge of conditions for a proposed new Medical Centre along the River Stour in Stourbridge. The derelict site had been vacant since the previous industrial buildings were demolished on 2011.

The site and adjacent properties were known to frequently flood from the River Stour due to a lack in hydraulic capacity of a third-party bridge upstream.

Ramsay Development Site


A hydraulic model was used to understand the overland flow mechanisms when the bridge exceeds its capacity. The hydraulic model was also used to test the effect of a range of flood mitigation options to enable development on site whilst also providing third-party benefits. Through consultation with the Environment Agency and the Lead Local Flood Authority, we developed a range of flood mitigation options. These included:

– An interceptor ditch/swale (to capture overland flows);
– Ground raising on site (to keep the site out of the 1,000-year floodplain) and;
– Alterations to the River Stour’s channel (to provide the extra capacity and ensure overland flows redirected into the channel do not increase flood risk downstream).

Ramsay Development SiteA Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) compliant with the latest version of National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) was prepared by the experienced team from JBA. This documented the benefits of the proposed flood mitigation work, alternative sources of flood risk (e.g. surface water) and additional flood mitigation measures (e.g. safe access and egress arrangements). The FRA was submitted to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) in September 2018 and subsequently approved in May 2019.

We also prepared a Water Framework Directive (WFD) assessment to support the planning application and demonstrate the scheme’s compliance with the Water Framework Directive. Collaborative working throughout the design process allowed environmental opportunities identified in the WFD process to be incorporated into the design of the scheme.

Our team delivered the detailed design and preparation of the Environmental Permit application and supporting information for both the permanent and temporary works. Throughout this process we worked closely with the Environment Agency, Client and Contractor to develop a scheme which delivered the flood risk management measures and maximised environmental benefits.


Whilst the granting of Planning Permission and Environmental Permit allowed the developer to meet his contractual obligations to the buyer, significant additional benefits were generated by the scheme, including:

– The performance of the implemented mitigation measures was successfully tested during recent flood events in November 2019 and rapidly gained support from local residents for the overall scheme.

– Modelled flood levels were used to optimise the amount of excavated materials to bring on site in order to raise the proposed Medical Centre above the 1,000-year flood levels.

– The proposed river works offered the opportunity to re-naturalise the hard-engineered banks of the River Stour and restore hydromorphic functioning of the riparian zone and floodplain within the excavated areas around the channel.

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