Property Flood Resilience Framework win

Hot on the heels of our Incident Management Framework success, we are very pleased to have also been successful on the Environment Agency’s Property Flood Resilience Framework. We are one of just two supplier places on Lot 1 which is providing Independent Property Flood Risk Surveys for the Environment Agency and Local Authorities.

The framework aims to identify what measures can be taken in order to make properties at high risk of flooding more resistant and resilient. It is a four-year framework, replacing the previous Environment Agency Flood Resistance Measures Framework, which we were on from 2010 to 2017.

“The Environment Agency has indicated a substantial build-up of demand from Area Teams and from Local Authorities so there are lots of exciting opportunities ahead which we are looking forward to supporting” commented Peter May, Associate Director and Head of Flood Resilience.

Mitigate potential flooding

Working with the Environment Agency and Local Authorities we will support communities that remain at flood risk. We will assess how water can enter a property and suggest ways to mitigate potential flooding – considering both resistance methods (limiting water entry) and options for resilience measures (adapting to limit damage when water does enter).

We will draw on our experience gained from many years providing national scale framework support to the Environment Agency via predecessor frameworks, delivering flood risk services to communities across multiple locations and projects.

On completion of the works, once the Lot 2 supplier has designed and installed measures they deem fit for purpose, we will carry out a validation audit and produce a Post Installation Flood Risk Report (PIFRR) of our findings.

The PIFRR will summarise the available information on the flood risk and will detail the flood resistance and resilience measures that have been provided for the property. The homeowner’s PIFRR report can then be provided to their insurer to verify the works completed to manage the impacts of flooding.

Want to know more?

Email Beth Jones for more information on the Property Flood Resilience Framework. You can also find out more on our Property Flood Resilience web page.

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