Picnics for Pride in June

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month is celebrated each year in June to recognise and show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ communityWe’re proud of our LGBTQ+ community here at JBA and to show our support for Pride month, we’ve been organising COVID-safe Picnics for Pride across our offices.

Some in small groups outside, some virtual, we’ve encouraged our staff to come together to show solidarity and celebrate Pride. While the summer weather created some small challenges, all our picnics went ahead in different formats and fun was had by all.

Here are just some of the highlights from Picnics for Pride across our JBA offices in June.

An outdoor Picnic for Pride was organized by our Coleshill office.

In the Coleshill office our Picnic for Pride took place in the nearby park and we took along a gazebo decorated with Pride flags. We had a lovely lunch, shared experiences and discussed what Pride meant to us. We also enjoyed Pride themed snacks including rainbow cupcakes!

Daniel Bloomfield

Picnics for Pride_Coleshill


A virtual Picnic for Pride was organized by our Peterborough office.

Whilst our Pride Picnic was online in the end (owing to some VERY soggy weather in the East) we had a really fun lunch listening to LGBTQ+ music and discussing plans to hold another celebration in September (when the weather might be better) and to tie this in with when Peterborough’s Pride Parade is planned!

Lea Nightingale

Picnics for Pride_Peterborough


And in our Wallingford office, a socially distanced outdoor Picnic for Pride was enjoyed by all.

For me Pride is about coming together to celebrate love and stand up for LGBTQ+ rights. And after over a year of distancing from colleagues, it was extra special to reconnect at our COVID-safe Pride Picnic in June.

Thank you to all those from JBA Wallingford who were able to attend and show your support.

Jenny Grist

Picnics for Pride_Wallingford

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