Phil Emonson presents on flood resilience at the EPS conference in Wales

We are sponsoring this year’s Emergency Planning Society Wales branch annual conference, being held in Llandrindod Wells this Thursday and Friday. The theme of the conference is “Why Exercise”, helping to focus the minds of the emergency planners and responders attending, as they share experiences, different perspectives and case studies.

Anyone or any organisation that will respond to a flood incident needs to have undergone some awareness and competency-building training. This is in line with the Civil Contingencies Act which applies to all the countries Category 1 and 2 responders. Said training then needs to be put into practice in a safe learning environment with an exercise.

Our flood preparedness cycle demonstrates how any plan will be continually improved through training, exercising and then evaluating with feedback.

Flood Resilience

Our Flood Resilience Lead, Phil Emonson, will be presenting at the conference on Thursday. He will be discussing the benefits of training and exercising in helping to improve preparedness and resilience to flooding, as well as the pros and cons of different types of exercise. Phil will be joined by emergency planner Ceri Jones, and together they will be demonstrating our bespoke web-based training and exercising platform, JEMS.

JEMS takes flood exercising to new heights – allowing you to rehearse and test responses to real-life flood events. It has previously been used for several Environment Agency projects and was designed to mimic the telemetry systems used by the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

Want to know more?

If you can’t attend the Annual Conference of the Welsh branch of the Emergency Planning Society please email Phil Emonson or call him on 01392 904040 for further information.

You can also visit our Flood Emergency Planning web page to find out more about our work in Flood Resilience.

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