Park Wood sustainability project

Location: Park Wood (East Sussex)                                               Client: Environment Agency


We were commissioned to utilise a natural capital approach to explore the opportunity for the Environment Agency (EA) to retain and manage Park Wood woodland site (East Sussex) to its full potential. The project aimed to identify natural assets, understand the value of their integral ecosystem services and explore possible management options which maximise the benefits of the site whilst also valuing the client’s dedication to their e:Mission 2030 Sustainability Strategy.


Our natural capital framework builds upon an initial scoping of ecosystem services, whereby 12 key services and benefits were identified and focused upon at the Park Wood Site. These benefits included air quality, amenity, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, cultural heritage, education, physical health, recreation, timber and volunteering, alongside water regulation, purification and soil formation.

A tailored value transfer approach was employed to monetarily assess each of the ecosystem service benefits at Park Wood. This was carried out alongside sensitivity analysis so that confidence in their value was retained, therefore, forming a strong quantitative evidence base for potential management options. Alongside the qualitative and quantitative assessment, the monetary valuation allowed for effective comparison of potential management benefits.


Overall, the project aided in the development of a standardised natural capital approach across EA estates to enhance environmental benefits. Additionally, the insight delivered through the project also catered to the EA’s wider sustainable development goals by highlighting the exciting potential for climate change mitigation, optimal use of resources, improving people’s livelihoods and enhancing communities. Whilst also delivering options for lasting environmental net gain.

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