Did you know that our training courses are delivered by JBA specialists with years of practical experience?

Our trainers can guide you in applying learned concepts to your specific project or role. For the second blog in this series, we’re excited to introduce three more JBA experts who deliver our extensive range of training courses.

This week we’re very pleased to introduce three more of our expert trainers: Amanda Kitchen, Jeremy Benn and Robbie Cowan – who specialise in Civil Engineering, Reservoir Hydraulics and Surveying respectively.

Amanda is the tutor on our Blockage and Debris training course and also delivers CIRIA’s Culvert, Screen and Outfall training alongside Jeremy Benn. Jeremy is the tutor on our recently launched dam and reservoir training courses – Reservoir Emergency Planning and Reservoir Hydrology and Hydraulics. Robbie delivers our Survey for River Models training course, which is next available on 18 -19 May 2022.

Amanda Kitchen – Technical Director| Civil Engineer

My 25 years’ experience as a civil engineer and technical author have given me both specialist knowledge and a broad perspective of the industry. Developing and delivering training courses allows me to share that knowledge and learn about the challenges faced by others, which helps to reinforce my own understanding. Over the last two years, we’ve delivered training online which has involved a step-change in approach but is more cost-effective and allows delegates to learn around their day job.

Amanda Kitchen - JBA training testimonial

Robbie Cowan – Technical Director| Land Survey Lead

I am the Chief Surveyor and Land Survey Lead here at JBA Consulting, providing advice, guidance and support to projects and Project Managers on all things relating to Land Surveying. Many of our projects require geospatial information as the basis to carry out our modelling, analysis or design. Hopefully, I help ensure this has been collected using safe and appropriate methods, that the density of data is appropriate, and that the quality of the survey data will ensure that it’s a real asset to the project throughout its lifetime. I see being a trainer as an extension to this and allows me to bring real project situations into a more formal training environment.

Moving the original classroom course over to a virtual presentation platform has allowed us to reach out to a wider audience. The general format has remained unchanged, we have just restructured the course into smaller bite-size sessions. There is still lots of time for questions, discussion and giving advice, and I think this is the most enjoyable part of being a JBA trainer. The course tries to sit between the modeller and the surveyor, offering a middle ground and insight into each other needs. This understanding can often contribute to a safer, more efficient survey, that benefits all parties as well as the project as a whole.

Robbie Cowan- JBA training testimonial

Jeremy Benn – JBA Group Chairman| Reservoir Engineer

I am passionate about applying the science of hydrology and hydraulics to real-life problems, whether it be reservoir safety, forensic analysis or simply the design of resilient structures. I have been developing and delivering training courses for over 35 years – and still enjoy the great interaction it provides and the ability to discuss and solve things in a practical way.

Jeremy Benn - JBA training testimonial

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