Our Flood Resilience lead to present at the 2017 Sniffer Conference

“Managing Flood Risk in the Context of Change” is the topic for this years’ Scotland Flood Risk Management Conference, organised by Sniffer and held this coming Tuesday and Wednesday at ‘Dynamic Earth’ in Edinburgh.

Our climate, population and land use are changing. Decisions taken now about managing our flood risk need to consider these factors, not in isolation but holistically, if flood risk is to be managed sustainably in the future.

Phil Emonson, our Flood Resilience Lead, will be talking on day two of the conference on “The role of the individual in flood preparedness” and the importance of the Flood Preparedness Cycle (Plan, Train, Exercise, Evaluate).

Community involvement

Communities have a vital role to play in helping to manage local flood risk. As individuals in those communities become more engaged, so their flood resilience will increase. This leads to being more prepared to cope and take action to reduce the impact of a flood.

Resilience is the ability to withstand shock and recover quickly. Working in partnership with local risk management authorities, and together as a community to develop local emergency flood plans, will help our communities to become more prepared and resilient. Tools such as property level protection can empower individuals and provide peace of mind. At an individual level, homeowners should be encouraged to develop their own personal flood plans which includes thinking about what furniture will need to be moved, where their insurance details and other valuables are, and where neighbour support might be needed.

Practice, practice, practice

All of these arrangements need to be planned, rehearsed and evaluated. These steps will help improve preparedness and empower individuals and communities to take effective action, to reduce the stress and damage that flooding causes.

Want to know more?

Both Phil and colleagues from our Edinburgh office will be on hand throughout both days of the conference to answer any questions you may have.

If you can’t make the conference you can contact Phil for further discussion on developing property level protection plans, or you can find out more about Flood Risk Management on our website.

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