New electric vehicles arrive at our Peterborough and Skipton offices

At JBA, we’re on a mission to cut our carbon footprint with the aim of becoming a net zero business. Business travel is a big part of our footprint and whilst we aim to use public transport whenever possible, there are times when we need to use a car to get where we need to go.

To help us reduce the emissions from our car use, we’ve begun to switch our existing diesel pool car fleet to 100% electric. This took a big step forward this week with the arrival of two new Kia e-Niro electric vehicles (EV), to be located at our Peterborough and Skipton offices. Another EV is already on order, with more orders to be placed very shortly. By the end of this year, we hope that around half of our pool car fleet will be fully electric. Within another year or two, we aim to be fully electric!

JBA has set itself a big challenge to reach net zero emissions, but we have the commitment and enthusiasm needed to meet this challenge. We will work differently, making low carbon a positive choice that informs everything we do and we will embed a carbon conscious culture across JBA. Technology has an important part to play in helping us cut our carbon, and I’m delighted with the arrival of the first batch of our new EVs, which are an important part of our plan to make our travel more sustainable.

Marc Pinnell, Managing Director

Our new EVs form part of a bigger initiative to reduce our travel emissions, which includes a range of staff benefits to help colleagues to use more sustainable transport. We have had an Environmental Reward Scheme for many years, rewarding staff who use low emissions transport when commuting, and we also provide access to a Cycle to Work scheme to help staff get a new bike and accessories. In January, we also launched our new EV salary sacrifice scheme, which helps our staff make the switch to an electric car at home.

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