Experts in Natural Flood Management present to the Isle of Man Government

Natural Flood Management (NFM) and Working with Natural Processes (WWNP) experts Barry Hankin and Steve Rose gave awareness raising talks to various director level, senior management and other staff from the Department of Infrastructure, Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture, Utilities, Design and Health and Safety on the Isle of Man Government this week.

“Interest in greener approaches to flood risk management, also known as NFM, has grown dramatically in recent years. A spate of significant flooding events and the need to look for more sustainable solutions has pushed this. It’s great to be working with the Isle of Man government and others to explore alternative solutions to their flood risk management needs” commented Barry Hankin, Head of Environmental Modelling.

Managing flood risk

Reducing flood risk is the key aspect of WWNP, taking action to manage fluvial and coastal flood risk by protecting, restoring and emulating the natural regulating functions of catchments, rivers, floodplains and coasts.

The awareness raising talks covered an introduction to NFM, assessing and mapping NFM potential, case study evidence of NFM success and modelling NFM effectiveness. Many of these topics relate back to the WWNP Evidence Base that the Environment Agency commissioned us to lead in 2016.

Read more about the WWNP Evidence Base in our previous post.

WWNP training courses

A new set of training course modules has been developed for 2018 enabling you to understand and apply WWNP techniques in your work. The modules include:

Visit our training course web page to find out more about our WWNP modules.

Want to know more?

Email Steve Rose or Barry Hankin for more information on Natural Flood Management and Working with Natural Processes. You can also find out more on our Natural Flood Management web pages.

Steve is presenting at the CIWEM Conference in Edinburgh on 14 March about elements of the WWNP Evidence Base.

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