Natural Coastal Resilience at JBA

Our team

Natural Coastal Resilience is a fast-moving, diverse and innovative aspect of our workload in the Marine and Coastal Risk Management group at JBA. Our experts are passionate about supporting clients to implement Natural and Nature-Based Features (NNBF) to reduce hazards, enhance the environment and help communities to develop a sustainable blue bio-economy.

We need you to support our growing portfolio of work in the UK and Internationally and help us achieve our vision.

Our aims

Strategic partnerships, collaboration and applied research underpin our work in this area. We support and implement the latest academic research around numerical modelling, coastal monitoring, natural capital, marine biodiversity and socioeconomic. Essentially, we want to lead in the implementation of NNBF solutions that improve societal resilience.

We achieve this through a multi-benefits approach that looks at solutions from several perspectives. The cornerstones of these are seeking to make sure the following questions are addressed and balanced to suit project-specific requirements and objectives:

1. What NNBF solutions are suitable to be implemented?

2. How do these reduce flood or erosion hazards?

3. How do these enhance the environment, offset carbon, and increase biodiversity?

4. How do these provide additional community benefits to support a wider blue bio-economy?

Enhancing global coastal zones to become more naturally resilient is critical. We are committed to taking this approach to support our international development projects as part of our responsibility to improve overall societal resilience to climate change.

Our approach

Natural Coastal Resilience is complex and requires expertise and input across a vast range of areas. At JBA we work as One Team. This means we provide our clients with end-to-end delivery through expertise in all aspects and stages of a project. To achieve this, and our overall aims, we need future leaders in:

· Numerical modelling

· Coastal processes and geomorphology

· Natural capital and economics

· Forecasting systems

· Coastal ecology and habitats

· Design specification and implementation

Your career

Roles are available to help grow our Natural Coastal Resilience service, but critically, we require motivated, ambitious, and forward-thinking individuals that can help us achieve our vision of a more resilient and sustainable society.

Want to know more

If think you are a good fit, please contact Dr Doug Pender or Dr Glenn Langler for an informal discussion.

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