National Women in Engineering Day – Women of the Groundwater Team

Alice Davis | Hydrogeologist
BSc, MSc | Length of time at JBA: 3.5 years

Eleanor Haresign | Senior Hydrogeologist
BSc, PhD, PgDip | Length of time at JBA: 4 months

Susan Wagstaff | Technical Director (Hydrogeology)
MA, MSc, C.Geol, EurGeol | Length of time at JBA: 11.5 years

JBA’s specialist groundwater team of six includes three women, and the team works across a wide range of projects, from borehole assessments and wetland restoration, to groundwater modelling and monitoring, as well as inputting to other projects with a more engineering or geotechnical focus.  We get to work with a variety of people, including the public, site contractors and regulators, as well as the clients, which gets us both out in the field in all weathers and behind a desk in equal measure.  This variety is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the work, as an interest in this applied aspect of geoscience is conducive to numerical problem solving and also evaluating nature in front of you.  We have different strengths within the team which make a great balance of skills, and the work changes from week to week.  Groundwater can sometimes not be visible but it’s always under our feet, and it’s rewarding to contribute to the ongoing protection and management of this natural resource whilst optimising the best use of what it has to offer us.

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