National Women in Engineering Day – Rachelle Ngai

Rachelle NgaiRachelle Ngai | Assistant Analyst | BASc MSc
Length of time at JBA: 1 year and 3 months

Surrounded by modellers, hydrogeologists and hydroecologists day-in and day-out, my work never seems conventional. Many people ask me what I do – and my reply more often than not these days tends to be, “a bit of everything”. I have worked on a range of projects that have pushed my boundaries, tested my intelligence – and on occasion tested my patience!

I have looked at climate change models and applied them to climate change risk assessments; I have looked at multiple planning authorities’ climate change strategies, climate change adaptation plans and even flood risk assessments to assess how they were preparing for climate change. I have recently become Climate Change Champion for our Saltaire office, learning more about how other projects across the company are integrating climate change.

Recent projects

The most exciting thing is the variety and topical issues that I get involved in. Recently, I have been heavily involved in two projects. One is for Ewtops (Energy and Water Technology Optimisation Services at JBA) conducting an energy audit by site walkover and building modelling for our client at the Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre. Developing a basic building model for the energy heat loss stretched my brain and gave me a new appreciation of the impacts of simply turning up the heat, or even closing a door.

The second project has involved immersing myself in the environmental and planning issues surrounding the highly contentious issues of high volume hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”).

I have assisted in the representations of our environmental experts made on behalf of Lancashire County Council at Planning Inquiry. Understanding and scrutinising the environmental impact assessment for multiple planning applications and permits has expanded my technical knowledge on air, noise, hydrogeology, landscape, and traffic.

As I continue developing my career at JBA, I am excited about the experiences, achievements, and even potential frustrations in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

Want to know more?

If you would like to hear more please contact Rachelle Ngai about her role at JBA.

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