JBA commissioned by SEPA to complete national pluvial flood hazard mapping for Scotland

We’re very pleased to announce that we have been commissioned by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to complete national pluvial flood hazard mapping for Scotland.

SEPA’s drive to continually improve its flood map products is essential to ensure Scotland’s communities and businesses are resilient to flooding and adapted to future climate change impacts. The new pluvial (surface water) flood hazard mapping will be created at a 2m resolution nationally across Scotland.

The project will involve an initial pilot stage this year, which will trial the modelling and mapping methodology, and a range of model assumptions and parameters across four pilot areas: Aberdeen, Glasgow, Peebles and Torridon. Following the pilot stage, an agreed approach will be rolled out nationally during 2022 and the mapping will be produced for the whole of Scotland in a sequence of 11 geographical phases.

The modelling methodology will consider a wide range of present day and future climate change design rainfall events from FEH13 DDF data and investigate a range of storm durations. Climate change design events will consider the recently released FUTURE-DRAINAGE rainfall uplift rates.

David Bassett, Director, JBA Consulting said:

‘We’re delighted to be appointed by SEPA to complete the national pluvial flood hazard mapping for Scotland. JBA have been working on flood risk in Scotland for over 20 years and in that time our technical experts have accrued excellent knowledge of the risk and the issues, and the structures in place to help.

Scottish Government surface water management planning guidance (2018) highlighted that 23% of Annual Average Damages associated with flooding across Scotland were forecast to come from surface water flooding. And of the 27,500 homes predicted to be at risk, 39% are in areas of higher social vulnerability.

Climate change was also predicted to increase the numbers of homes and business at risk by 45%.

With flood events never far from the news headlines, recent surface water flooding in Edinburgh showed the vulnerability of many urban areas. The role of consistent 2m grid surface water flood risk mapping across Scotland is more important than ever, and we’re pleased to lead on this national mapping project.” 

Want to know more?

You can read the SEPA media release here: SEPA engages innovative modelling techniques to help Scotland better prepare for future increased flooding | Media | Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Contact David Bassett, Director, JBA Consulting for more information about this project.

Pluvial flood hazard mapping for Scotland

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