Website launched to support the development of a new National Flood Risk Assessment for Wales

Since December 2017, we have been working in partnership with Natural Resources Wales to develop a new National Flood Risk Assessment for Wales. The project will deliver multiple benefits that include:

  • New generalised fluvial, pluvial and tidal flood maps for a range of present day and climate change scenarios
  • Wales-wide assessments of the risk to people, economic activity and the natural and historic environment
  • An updated Community at Risk Register which will be used to help Welsh Government define Flood Risk Areas as part of the Consolidated Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA)
  • New investment planning tools for flood risk management in Wales.

Launched on Monday 21 May, the new website facilitates the review of the draft flood hazard and risk maps before they are developed into published products.

“The website is a really exciting tool that allows for highly efficient collaboration on a Wales-wide scale. It will allow us to further improve the national flood risk maps and ultimately make better-evidenced FRM decisions for the benefit of communities across Wales” commented Simon James, Project Manager for Natural Resources Wales.

JBA National Flood Risk Assessment for Wales review website
National Flood Risk Assessment for Wales review website

Available to all Risk Management Authorities in Wales, users can check and improve the input data with their better local knowledge and data. They can review model outputs and consequence calculations (that are updated to include any new information), and can give more general feedback through ‘sticky note’ comments.

“We’ve made the website simple and user-friendly to encourage as many people to add to it as possible. The more information that we can get from local sources the more useful and representative the finalised published maps will be for everyone” commented Neil Hunter, Head of Flood Modelling at JBA.

Using a similar technology in a recent pluvial mapping study across Flanders (Belgium), in a three-month period, over 7,000 model changes were made by 370 delegates from 165 organisations that were incorporated into, and significantly improved the quality of, the final flood maps. It is hoped that the new National Flood Risk Assessment for Wales will similarly benefit from such collaborative development throughout May, June and July.

Want to know more?

For more information, email Neil Hunter or Simon James from Natural Resources Wales. You can also find out more about our other work in this area on our flood modelling web pages.

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