National Apprenticeship week 2019

This year’s National Apprenticeship week theme is ‘Blaze a Trail’ and aims to challenge the outdated views many people still have about apprenticeships. In support, we’ve pulled together some useful advice and stories from some of our JBA apprentices to celebrate.

Georgina Bullock – Training Assistant

Georgia Bullock working with colleagues

I came to JBA in December 2017, after finishing my A-Levels that summer, and started the Level 3 NVQ Business and Administration apprenticeship with Craven College in January 2018.

Attending college every Friday until June, I learnt the principles of business and administration and then four days a week I applied this to my role as Training Assistant within JBA. I had very little experience in administration so attending college to learn the fundamentals really helped me get to grips with my job role.

Alongside college lessons, the apprenticeship standards required me to collect evidence from work that proved I was meeting the criteria set by exam boards. My job role as Training Assistant required a lot of administrative duties including printing, data collecting and communication however, some of the criteria deviated from my job role, such as financial administration. I, therefore, had to look for different opportunities within the training team to achieve this.

JBA was very supportive of me working within different teams to obtain evidence for each standard. The focus was on ensuring I obtained all of the evidence I needed to achieve the distinction that I am now on track for. However, having a list of standards and criteria that I had to meet has allowed me to explore more of the company and understand it better. This is a benefit to JBA as I am now a much more rounded employee and have gained experience at college which I can bring into the company to help it grow.

Saul Sheridan – Software Developer

I Joined JBA over a year ago, with aspirations of becoming a full-stack software developer. I joined at the end of my Level 3 at college to begin a four-year degree level apprenticeship in BSc Digital and Technology Solutions. I put aside half a day each week to complete coursework and at the end of my apprenticeship, I am considering continuing on to receive a Masters.

Working at JBA has provided me with challenging work daily – creating and maintaining real solutions is far more engaging and rewarding than mock projects for University. It’s a great feeling knowing that my code is being used hundreds of times a day, saving users countless hours of time or allowing them to do things which they previously couldn’t.

I am surrounded by friendly, knowledgeable people who are always willing to help me with new or difficult concepts. I came into the role with no real-world experience, but in my short time at JBA I have become competent in multiple programming languages and have been able to work with big-name clients such as Network Rail and the MET office.

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