My career pathway to JBA – Matt Amy

Find out how Archaeology and Heritage Consultant Matt Amy’s 10 year experience as a greenkeeper has helped him forge a career in the JBA heritage team.

My career pathway to JBA - Matt Amy

Our diverse and welcoming working environment means the career path to a position at JBA isn’t always what you’d expect – and earlier in the year we shared how Engineering Technician, Kerry Shannon went from designing and creating commercial kitchens to designing fish passages. Kerry’s not alone in developing her skills and expertise in a different industry or sector before joining our team though, and in the coming week’s we’ll be sharing more of our colleagues’ career path stories, starting with Archaeology and Heritage Consultant, Matt Amy.

Matt joined the JBA heritage team in March 2020 after leaving his position as a Deputy Head Greenkeeper to complete an Archaeology degree the University of York. He recently took the time to share how he swapped maintaining picture perfect putting surfaces for protecting ancient archaeological assets and artefacts.

“After leaving school I became an apprentice greenkeeper on a golf course and spent almost ten years in the industry working my way up to deputy head greenkeeper. Only at this point did I decide to make the decision to attend university and study archaeology in a slightly early mid-life crisis. Fortunately, the decision ended up being the best I ever made as I found myself during and after university working as a commercial field archaeologist across the country.

In 2020 after becoming somewhat tired of working outside in the elements for the best part of thirteen years, I was lucky enough to be offered a position as an Archaeology and Heritage Consultant at JBA. I joined the company approximately one week before the pandemic which was a slightly hectic start to my JBA career, though thanks to the heritage team it was still an enjoyable one.

Since changing roles, the learning curve has been steep and even just adapting to working in an office environment has been challenging at times, but the satisfaction I feel from working on the type of projects we undertake at JBA has more than made up for this.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the level of responsibility I’ve been given since taking up my new position and I feel lucky to be part of such a brilliant heritage team. I’ve been able to draw on skills from my previous careers on many occasions, whether that be in client liaison or project management. On one occasion I even got to lend my expertise when it came to returning a scheduled monument

My background in field archaeology has been especially important in providing advice to clients on archaeological mitigation. I still feel as though this is just the beginning, I have plenty still to learn and am really looking forward to what the next stage in my career at JBA will bring.”

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