More than 300,000 homes better protected from flooding since 2015

The Environment Agency has recently announced that flood and coastal defence improvements have helped better protect over 300,000 homes from flooding. These improvements over the last 6 years have also supported communities to become more resilient to climate change.

The Environment Agency and partners have completed more than 700 projects to better protect more than 300,000 homes, nearly 600,000 acres of agricultural land, thousands of businesses and major pieces of infrastructure since 2015.

The full press release can be read on the Environment Agency (EA) website.

How have we contributed?

JBA has been a valued supplier to the Environment Agency for over 15 years, delivering projects under framework agreements including Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) and Water and Environment Management (WEM).

Jeremy Benn, Executive Chair, JBA Group said:

This is a fantastic achievement for the Environment Agency and for all of its partners. We are exceptionally proud to be part of this major milestone in flood risk management.

JBA Consulting and JBA Bentley have been directly involved in protecting 40,000 of these homes, through schemes at Great Yarmouth, Morpeth, Bentley Ings, York and throughout the north west, the north east, Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Through JBA Bentley, our successful joint venture with JN Bentley, we have reduced the risk of flooding to over 1,000 properties in York through award winning work at the Foss Barrier and pumping station, where we have worked from the immediate emergency response to the December 2015 floods right through to delivering assets that will protect people and properties for many years to come.

At Great Yarmouth where we are repairing existing flood defences as well as constructing new, our work is protecting a further 2,000 homes and properties. In Lincoln, through schemes at a range of sites throughout the city, we have helped to protect another 2,000 properties.

Tony Moran, Director at JBA Bentley, said:

When we started working on the Water and Environmental Management (WEM) framework we aspired to become a trusted supplier to the EA and play a major role in protecting communities and delivering social outcomes as part of our work.

Despite facing challenges in realising this aspiration, not least the major flood events in 2015 and 2019 and more recently having to make enormous changes to our ways of working to continue delivery of critical infrastructure during the pandemic, we are proud to have achieved so much.

There is no doubt we couldn’t have achieved the safe, efficient, low carbon results without the support from the EA and the dedication of our fantastic teams.

We continue to deliver new and challenging flood risk management works and look forward to supporting the EA and other risk management agencies in their targets over the coming years.

 Want to know more?

The current 6-year programme of flood risk management improvements ends on 31st March and the next 6-year programme starts. The target by March 2027 is to have a further 336,000 homes better protected.

You can read the full Environment Agency press release here and watch their video here.

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