Michael Crabbe supports International Women in Engineering Day – #MenAsAllies

This year, the International Women in Engineering day campaign theme is ‘Men as Allies’. Our activities are embracing this and focusing on the one team approach that we have here at JBA – with both male and female engineers working alongside each other on a variety of projects.

So Michael Crabbe, an Engineer in our JBA Bentley joint venture, has been with us for three years. He tells us how his role requires him to think on his feet.

What’s a standard day like in your role?

The Leeds office is home to the JBA-Bentley design-build joint venture. Working here is very fast-paced and often needs me to make quick decisions. For example, today I’ve been asked to lead the temporary works design for an emergency embankment repair that will be happening in the next few days. It’s likely to involve discussions, calculations, sketches, risk assessments and more. Will I have all the information I want? Probably not. So, I’ll have to use my judgement of the relevant engineering, time, financial, environmental and social aspects to determine the best solution.

Top three things you like about your job

  1. Working alongside such a diverse team of people – we are constantly drawing on each other’s experience. I learn something new every day!
  2. Getting the bigger picture from clients and figuring out how best to solve their problems.
  3. Seeing something that was a drawing on my desk a week ago, come to life and being built, solving issues along the way.

Why did you choose a career in engineering?

Being able to use my technical skills to contribute to society’s biggest issues is incredibly fulfilling because in my role I know I am making a difference! I was excited at the thought of the engineering schemes I would contribute to across the country.

What’s the best project you’ve worked on?

Crindau Pill Flood Risk Management Scheme. It was constrained by a steep-sided watercourse with significant tidal range and various ecological designations on one side. Then, a plethora of commercial properties with passionate owners on the other.

This project has therefore challenged my engineering, management, commercial and social skills to ensure the 2.5km of floodwalls and embankments are fit for purpose. The project is currently under construction so it’s great to see the implementation of a scheme. Especially when it will benefit over 650 properties in a deprived, high flood risk area.

Want to know more?

Contact Michael Crabbe to discuss his work across JBA Bentley or visit our engineering pages for more information. You can also visit the JBA Bentley website for more information on our joint venture.

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