Matt Eliot discusses his new role as Technical Director for Coastal Sediment Dynamics

I’m a coastal engineer from Western Australia, who, being fed up with beautiful sunny weather, has decided to relocate with a family of 6 to be closer to his in-laws. Sound crazy? Probably.

After training in coastal modelling, hydrology and mining engineering, I’ve been involved in a wide range of projects including port engineering, marine structure design, environmental assessment, dredging, coastal hazard assessment and coastal adaptation planning. Over the last decade or so I’ve almost become a geomorphologist, with a keen interest in the application of landform assessment and monitoring to improve decision-making, particularly when linked to adaptive coastal management.

What else has he been up to?

In recent years, some of my more interesting projects have included:

  • Working with the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility to develop coastal compartments around the Australian coast (like UK’s SMP framework)
  • Determining a set of design tropical cyclones for coastal flooding for Western Australia
  • Working with the geomorphology sub-group of the Environment Agency’s ICOASST project.

My kick-off project with JBA will be working on the coast of Suriname to assess the role that mangroves play in coastal protection. I hope to help build the capacity for JBA staff to undertake coastal sediment dynamics evaluations and will be located within the Belle Vue Mills office in Skipton.

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