Lydd and Hythe Ranges Coastal Defence Schemes

Location: Lydd/Hythe                                                                                    Client: Environment Agency


Since March 2020 we have been undertaking the role of ECC Construction Supervisor and Environmental Clerk of Works for the Environment Agency’s Hythe and Lydd Coastal Defence Schemes. These historic sites hold a number of environmental designations and as such it was critical that all work took account of these protected habitats.


Commencing in March 2020 the Hythe scheme involved the construction of timber groynes across a 1.6km length of coastline, the import of over 300,00m3 of new beach material and the construction of a new rock revetment to protect the Grand Redoubt historic structure.

As part of the project our team also helped develop the design for a number of environmental enhancement industry firsts. This included the creation of rock pools within the rock armour and the creation of biodiversity enhancements on the timber groynes.


The Hythe and Lydd Coastal Defence Schemes represent a major step in delivering the Folkstone to Cliff End Strategy which when complete will protect over 14,500 homes, 700 businesses, hundreds of hectares of prime farmland and a nuclear power station. In constructing a new rock revetment the Hythe Range scheme also provided protection to the Dymchurch Grand Redoubt a scheduled monument which was built during the Napoleonic War.

With work now complete in Hythe, the next phase of the project in Lydd will allow us to build on our experience and apply the knowledge gained throughout the project. Similar to Hythe, the Lydd scheme includes the installation of numerous timber groynes, significant volumes of beach recharge and the placement of rock armour.

We will continue our role as scheme supervisors through to completion in 2023.

Want to know more?

Email Graham Kenn for more information on the Hythe and Lydd Coastal Defence projects, or for a full overview of the project watch the Environment Agency’s Hythe Ranges Sea Defence scheme video.

Further details of our expertise in this area can be found by visiting our dedicated Marine and Coastal Risk Management.

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