Love STEM Fair

“Love STEM” is a collaborative event to raise awareness of STEM subjects and provide an inspiring day of hands on fun and interactive workshops and activities. The event is a partnership between the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP), Go Higher West Yorkshire and the University of Bradford. Sam Conlon, Technical Assistant, and Jamie Rodger, Assistant Engineer, from JBA Bentley attended this year’s event which was hosted by the University of Bradford.

During the day Sam and Jamie ran demonstrations using the JBA Trust wave tank and facilitated a paper bridge building exercise for students. They also spoke to students and their parents about current or future careers within STEM sectors, and more specifically Civil Engineering.

JBA Trust wave tank

JBA Love STEM event
Demonstrating the JBA Trust wave tank at the Love STEM event

Wave tank demonstration looked at the effectiveness of different types and combinations of coastal defences on the potential for overtopping and flood risk. Once the demonstration had finished, students had the opportunity to ask questions and have a go at using the wave tank, combining different defences in order to find the ideal design.

The paper bridge activity challenged the students to build bridges spanning a distance that was a little longer than a piece of A4; with the aim to hold as many mars bars as possible up to the bridge failing. The students were briefed with the rules, shown examples and given four pieces of A4 paper and a metre of tape.

There were many students and parents that got involved in the activities, resulting in some innovative bridge designs. Everybody was very enthusiastic, with some people having multiple attempts, although this may have been due to the opportunity of winning a mars bar or two.

Want to know more?

Email Sam Conlon or Jamie Rodger for more information on the wave tank or the paper bridge building activity. You can also find out more about other physical models on the JBA Trust web page.

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