Looking back at Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

At JBA supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues is very important to us, and we’re proud to support Mental Health Awareness Week. This year we encouraged colleagues and our wider social media community to share photos of their experiences of this year’s theme – Connecting with Nature.

Here at JBA we believe that the mental health and wellbeing of all our colleagues are as important as their safety. We understand that work can have an impact on your wellbeing, which can further impact on your health, your wider life, family and friends, and in extreme cases can lead to chronic health problems. This is has been particularly relevant in recent times, when the global pandemic has caused much to change in our everyday lives. We believe that we have a duty to help our employees and to try to promote wellbeing and prevent mental health issues.

Take a moment to celebrate nature in daily life.

Many of us find that connecting with nature can help and support our well-being. Whether that’s spending time outside doing a favourite hobby or activity; or finding nature closer to home like growing a house-plant or spotting wildlife from your window. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time, just finding nature in our everyday and taking a moment to notice can be really beneficial for our well-being.

Here are some of the ways our colleagues are finding to connect with nature and positively effect their mental health and wellbeing:

Enjoying some fresh air in between rain-showers, this stunning photo was shared by our colleague Ellen Corry.

Mental health awareness week

Time spent outdoors and connecting with nature on our doorstep has helped many of us during lockdown periods over the last year – our colleague Peter May shared these photos.

      Mental health awareness week - photo by Peter MayMental health awareness week - photo by Peter May


From muddy walks to spending time with pets or growing vegetables – these are some of the ways our Marketing team find to connect with nature from day to day.

Mental health awareness week - Marketing team photos


At JBA we’re very fortunate to be able to connect with the natural environment as part of what we do. These amazing photos from our Ecology teams were taken on site visits, and they’re a great reminder that noticing wildlife, even the small things, can help with our well-being.

Mental health awareness week - Ecology team photos

Also connecting with wildlife, the teams in our Limerick, Dublin and Bucharest offices have organised a Mindful Nature Hunt. They share a weekly email with a seasonal flower or plant to look out for during time spent outside – which is a great idea for connecting with nature and sharing the experience.

Here at JBA we’re also hoping to re-start our Three Peaks Challenge later this summer – tackling the three highest peaks in the Yorkshire Dales in a day. Watch this space!

Earlier this year, Hannah Coogan, Technical Director and EDI Champion at JBA shared her mental health journey in an article for CIWEM’s The Environment Magazine. If you would like to read Hannah’s article, click here.

Want to know more?

The Mental Health Foundation has many resources and helpful tips about different ways to support well-being, finding nature wherever you are and bringing nature to you. Visit their website.


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