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This week our Property Flood Resilience experts look at how preparedness and resilience are achieved little by little, and as part of everyday life.

We are already eight days into September and Preparedness Month is in full swing. The #30Days30Ways social media campaign that is running throughout September aims to empower actions towards individual and community emergency preparedness and resilience.

September is also the launch month of the South West Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Pathfinder BeFloodReady campaign. The Pathfinder team are supporting 30Days30Ways, discussing all things Property Flood Resilience and how communities at flood risk can increase their preparedness.

What is Property Flood Resilience (PFR)? Property flood resilience measures

PFR is the term used to describe measures that help to mitigate flood risk to people and property, enabling households and businesses to reduce the damage caused by floods and speed up recovery and reoccupation. PFR includes both:

  • Resistance Measures: These can be fitted to a property, forming a physical barrier between the flood water and the building. These measures aim to reduce the amount of water entering the building, thereby reducing the damage caused internally.
  • Resilience Measures: These are used to adapt the internal property, aiming to limit the damage caused if water does enter a building. These measures allow the clean-up and repair process to occur quickly, improving the recovery process.

South West Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder

In 2019, Defra announced funding for three Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Pathfinder projects across the country. The South West PFR Pathfinder, led by Cornwall Council and supported by JBA Consulting, aims to increase awareness and the future take-up of PFR across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. A key element of the Pathfinder is to raise awareness around PFR, providing tools and guidance to increase understanding, uptake and as a result, preparedness.

To find out more information about the South West PFR Pathfinder, check out our previous blog. 


The BeFloodReady campaign was launched at the start of September and you can follow us on Twitter @BeFloodReady.

BeFloodReady is an initiative to provide information and guidance on PFR to homeowners, businesses owners and communities across the South West. Working closely with a wide range of organisations and professional partners, we are developing a range of resources all designed to raise awareness around PFR. There are aspirations for BeFloodReady to play a national role in increasing awareness and uptake of PFR.

  • Social Media – Follow us on Twitter @BeFloodReady and follow along with #30Days30Ways.
  • Website – is now live and providing information on PFR and what to do before, during and after a flood.
  • FloodPod – We are taking our FloodPod on tour across the South West, visiting communities at flood risk and discussing all things PFR. Find out more here.
  • PFR Workshops – In collaboration with Cornwall Community Flood Forum and Devon Community Resilience Forum, we are planning future PFR workshops where community groups can come and find out more about PFR, taking key information back to their communities. Workshops for businesses at flood risk are also being planned.
  • PFR Resources – We have designed a PFR Information Booklet in collaboration with Communities Prepared. This resource will be used within the workshops, on the tour and will be available digitally on the BeFloodReady website.
  • Demonstration Site – We are working with the University of Exeter to develop a PFR Demonstration Site. This will be a place where groups can come and see PFR in action.
  • Surface water flood risk maps – We have produced surface water flood maps for both Devon and Cornwall, showing the impacts of climate change. As well as being available to view online, we will be able to display these on the FloodPod so do come along and visit us!
The BeFloodReady Flood Pod

Other Flood Resilience Projects in the South West

In addition to the pathfinder, there are several other ongoing projects we are supporting in the South West to enhance flood resilience and preparedness:

  • Devon County Council PFR Funding Scheme – This scheme, which as been running since 2017, covers the entirety of Devon. We are fast approaching 90 properties surveyed, increasing the uptake of PFR county wide.
  • Exmouth PFR Scheme – As part of the Environment Agency’s ongoing Exmouth Tidal Defence Scheme, 30 properties at risk from tidal flooding have been surveyed in Exmouth. The wider scheme should protect approximately 1,400 residential properties and 400 commercial properties from tidal flooding.
  • Cockington, Torquay – In the small village of Cockington, just outside Torquay, an integrated flood risk management scheme is underway, led by Torbay Council. As part of this scheme, designed to managed fluvial flood risk, 7 properties have been surveyed and PFR recommendations made.
  • Mousehole PFR Scheme – The Environment Agency are looking to make improvements to the Paul Stream and undertake Natural Flood Management in Mousehole to reduce fluvial flood risk. PFR has also been included in the integrated scheme and 36 properties have been surveyed so far.

 Want to Know More?

Throughout September our Flood Resilience team will be posting a series of blogs as we support Preparedness Month and #30Days30Ways.

Email Holly Cavill or Phil Emonson to find out more about the South West Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder and BeFloodReady.

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