Launch of Flood Risk Assessment Wales (FRAW)

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have today released an update to their online flood mapping service to coincide with the launch of Flood Risk Assessment Wales (FRAW).  FRAW includes a collection of Wales-wide flood risk and hazard maps that provides relevant and accurate flooding data to the people of Wales, helping to inform and protect over 240,000 properties that are at risk of flooding in Wales.

The maps show flood risk from rivers, the sea and from surface water and small watercourses for both present day and climate change scenarios.  These maps will underpin future decision making and steer investment across Flood and Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) activities in Wales as well as providing key information to the insurance industry, risk management authorities, Welsh Government and to the general public.

Since 2016, an interdisciplinary team from JBA consisting of flood modelling, economic appraisal, GIS and software specialists has been working with NRW to support the scoping, development, testing and deployment of FRAW.

Our initial contribution to the FRAW project was in the form of early discussions between technical experts from NRW and JBA to discuss a replacement for the National Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA) for Wales.  We have since gone on to deliver pilot studies to develop new technical solutions; carried out extensive flood modelling using JFlow® and software development in the form of model post processing tools and a dedicated review website; and have developed the technical architecture to serve the new mapping layers into the existing NRW map viewer website.  We continue to work closely with NRW as they manage the upkeep and maintenance of these products going forward.

FRAW, and the associated National Flood Hazard Map, were developed using JBA’s JFlow® software and our many years of experience delivering national scale flood mapping projects. Using the latest advances in computational modelling, high resolution ground models and GPU processing, FRAW delivers to Wales a step change the understanding of flood risk. This will support better decision making, be it how an individual can prepare for the risk of flooding or how government and communities can target investment in flood mitigation activities.“ Dr Neil Hunter, Head of Modelling at JBA Consulting

The FRAW data published by NRW can now be viewed on their Flood Risk Assessment Wales mapping website and is also available to download from the Welsh Government’s Lle portal.

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