Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Lancaster University

Over the past year, we have been working with a team of software, data science and communications researchers based at Lancaster University as part of the Ensemble initiative.  The team focused on exploring how the use of digital technologies can enhance flood modelling and help inform better decision making.

Ensemble logoA ‘Flood Risk Modelling Sprint’ run by Lancaster University with support from industry and third sector organisations brought together experts in flood risk modelling and data science to gain a better understanding of the industry drivers and latest technology.

We have now started a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to build on the work done in the Flood Risk Sprint and apply novel techniques from software engineering and data science to help build a better understanding, and more effective management, of the risks of flooding.

The KTP is creating a job opportunity for an ambitious, creative software engineer or data scientist to help us deliver this vision, based at JBA in Skipton and working in close partnership with Lancaster University academics.

Find out more about the KTP Associate role on the Lancaster University website.

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The new paradigm of data-driven digital technology, including big data, cloud, citizen science, data science and machine learning, is the latest movement that is reshaping both the way we do business and our clients’ expectations.

Some of these concepts are already visible, for example, our recent implementation of BIM, however, applications in the fields of environmental risk and modelling are still in their infancy.

JBA Ross Towe first Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Lancaster
Ross Towe from the first Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Lancaster

Our KTP will enable us to share both industry and academic expertise to help develop this area.

Existing Partnerships

Alongside our postgraduate training collaboration and other research-related projects with Lancaster University, we supported a KTP to improve statistical models of large scale flood events.

Post-doctoral researcher Ross Towe worked with Rob Lamb at JBA Trust and Professor Jon Tawn at Lancaster University to improve methods developed in previous research based on extreme value theory.

Click here to find out more about the previous KTP.


The new KTP will involve working with JBA and Ensemble, a cross-disciplinary research programme with the goal of carrying out world-leading research in the role of digital technologies and the natural environment, including environmental change.

Ensamble is an umbrella initiative examining the role of technology in supporting a new kind of environmental science, that is a science that is open, integrated and collaborative, involving data scientists, computer scientists, experts in communication and also earth and environmental sciences.

Over a five-year programme, Ensemble will focus on four key areas: flooding, bio-diversity, soil and eco-system services.

Want to know more?

Email Rob Lamb for more information on the KTP and the Associate role. You can also find out more on our research and development web pages.

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