Key Suppliers to the Environment Agency

We are very pleased to have been selected as a key supplier to the Environment Agency within their Programme Delivery Units (PDU’s), building on the great work and reputation we have built up throughout the WEM framework to date.

Seven PDUs are to be established across the country, each being integrated, co-located, delivery teams within a geographic area. The focus of this will be to accelerate the capital programme with the target of reducing the risk of flooding to over 300,000 homes by 2021.

Within Modelling and Mapping (Lot 1) we will be the sole supplier in four of the PDUs covering the South West, North West, Yorkshire and a large area covering Herts, North London, West Thames and Solent and South Downs.

For Design and Build (Lot 4) with JBA Bentley, we are the sole supplier in the Anglian Region and one of three suppliers in the Yorkshire Region.

Marc Pinnell, JBA Consulting’s Managing Director, commented, “We’re very pleased with our appointments across the PDU’s with representation across five of the seven areas. Most importantly, we are able to support the Environment Agency in all aspects of services including flood modelling, mapping and data as well as assessment, appraisal and design/build.”

Rachel Huitson-Little, JBA Consulting Director, added, “This is an excellent outcome and recognises our performance to date and consistent high quality delivery.”

Tony Moran, JBA Bentley Technical Director, says, “Our collaborative joint venture between JBA Consulting and JN Bentley allows us to share our expertise and relationships within the industry. We look forward to working on these exciting projects within the PDU teams over the next few years in addition to our work within the WEM framework.

Want to know more?

We will keep you updated on progress throughout the PDU projects so look out for more news on our website.

If you would like to know more about our work with the Environment Agency please contact Rachel Huitson-Little, or Tony Moran. You can also visit our Engineering web pages to find out more about our existing work for WEM.

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