Jenny Broomby is appointed Sustainability Ambassador to Kendal Mountain Festival

Kendal Mountain Festival logoKendal Mountain Festival (KMF) are aiming to lead the way in festival sustainability and plan to create a sustainability ‘toolkit’ to provide a long-term strategy for sustainability at their festival. Jenny Broomby, Environmental Research and Sustainability Assistant, has been appointed Sustainability Ambassador for the festival in a voluntary capacity enabling her to combine her professional work interests with her personal interests in the outdoors and sustainability.

“This is a great opportunity for me to offer my skills beyond my normal areas of work. Applying my expertise in a new sector to continue to improve the environment, business and infrastructure we enjoy. Having grown up in Kendal, I’m proud and excited to be part of the project and look forward to working in collaboration with the festival organisers over the coming year – it’s a fantastic event” commented Jenny Broomby.

“It is great to see our staff volunteer their time and expertise to promote the development of leading edge sustainable solutions. I’m sure Jenny will support this project greatly with her existing knowledge and skills” said Steve Maslen, Head of Environment.

Festival sustainability

As the UK’s leading outdoor festival KMF wants to retain its title and recognise that to do this they need to demonstrate they are taking responsibility, have courage and are open to change around the issues of sustainability. They have recognised that mountain festival culture explores physical and mental limits which similarly form foundations for sustainability.

A PhD researcher has been recruited to help KMF deliver this. The first year of research (2017) revealed 22% of participants did not believe the Festival was delivering a strong sustainability message and the majority of respondents neither agreed nor disagreed that it was. The research also revealed 93% of participants believed investing in the local community should be the Festival’s priority when thinking about sustainability.

As a Sustainability Ambassador Jenny will assist with the research in 2018 and will be invited to share ideas, opinions and concerns to help the festival set and achieve the highest standards of innovation, inclusivity and creativity for Mountain Festival Sustainability.

Want to know more?

Email Jenny for more information on the Kendal Mountain Festival project. You can also find out more on our sustainability web page.

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