John Bevington travels to Tanzania for the URTZ 2018 conference

Popping over to Africa for a couple of days is not in your average week’s work. Last week Dr John Bevington, Technical Director for Satellite Applications, headed to Tanzania to attend the World Bank’s Understanding Risk Tanzania (URTZ2018) event in Dar es Salaam. The focus of this event was on the understanding of urban risk – showcasing new spatial tools and risk data developed in Tanzania that can empower stakeholders to identify and reduce the risk of flooding in the city. URTZ brought together 100+ governmental officials, 80+ donor partners and resilience experts and over 40 university representatives, government representatives and honourable guests from surrounding countries.
John spent his time in Tanzania presenting and discussing our geomorphological study that is currently ongoing with the World Bank team, local consultants, academics and other flood risk consultants engaged in the region.

Our poster, ‘A Fluvial Geomorphological Assessment of the City of Dar es Salaam’, can be downloaded from here.

Our work in Tanzania

We are working on a geomorphological study in Dar es Salaam as part of the World Bank-Department for International Development (DFID) Tanzania Urban Resilience Programme (TURP).
The work that our geomorphology and remote sensing teams are doing is contributing to the overall understanding of flood risk in Dar es Salaam. We will continue to work with the World Bank and partners in the coming months to help identify short and longer-term solutions and strategies to alleviate erosion and sedimentation problems that are adding to flood risk across the city – one of the faster growing urban areas in Africa.

You can read more about this project here

Supporting future resilience within the city

These are great projects to get involved in, using many of the skills already in abundance within JBA but just in a different context. They are pressured projects, yet they are hugely rewarding. There is something amazing about the TURP – the scale of community involvement in helping to decide the future of their city. Public parks. Playgrounds. A green space for its citizens. Towards a more resilient Dar es Salaam.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about our work in Tanzania please email John Bevington or Matthew Hemsworth, who is leading the geomorphological study.

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