Jeremy Benn’s interview for Environment Analyst

Last week our Executive Chairman Jeremy Benn was speaking with Environment Analyst about the continued success of JBA Group over the past financial year, and was reflecting on the long term vision for future investment.  Jeremy’s interview was published on 3rd December 2019 by Environment Analyst, and here are some of the highlights.

“It’s safe to say that JBA is one of the most consistent environmental consulting firms active in the UK today”          Environment Analyst

Reporting on the latest financial year (FY) figures for the year ending 31 October 2019, the UK operating entity of JBA Consulting JBA Group, recorded group revenue growth of 11.2% to £35.4m.  Operating profit stayed at a consistent £1.4m, up 3.4% from the prvious FY.

Figure 1: JBA Group Ltd annual revenue (£m); environmental consultancy versus other environmental services

JBA Group revenue

How do we keep doing what we’re doing?

This year has seen a healthy mix of UK contract and framework wins, international and client diversification, and internal investment programmes to ensure steady and continued growth at JBA.

International growth: We’ve seen continued growth in our international portfolio of clients and projects this year with permanent offices in Cambodia, Australia, Singapore, Romania and California. In 2018 18% of our revenue came from international projects, which is up from 15% in the previous financial year.

Investment and Innovation: Capacity building is vital for the future. We spend 4% of annual turnover on research and development, and another 4% of turnover in learning and development.

“If as a company, you invest in your people and your ability to innovate, it allows you to stay ahead of the curve”

Jeremy Benn, Executive Chairman JBA Group

Domestic wins: UK contracts and frameworks helping clients to minimise their environmental and flood risk, underpin the lion’s share of JBA Group revenue. This year we have won two significant contracts which has contributed to our continued domestic success

  • The Environment Agency’s £1.5bn next generation supplier arrangement (NGSA) flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) framework up to 2023. We also won a place on the Environment Agency’s £80m Client Support Framework to deliver the capital investment programme for flood defence assets.
  • Network Rail £9m Framework Agreement, Various Design Services – Lot 1 Civils.

And what does the future hold?

Jeremy comments that the key to JBA’s consistency has been its long-term investment horizon:

“Because we are independent and employee-owned, we can invest in a five-year period for return”

“We are not dependent on external finance and not accountable to shareholders.  We know where we are and what we want to do, so we will carry on investing”.

Jeremy Benn, Executive Chairman JBA Group

Read the full interview with Jeremy Benn published by Environment Analyst here.

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