Natural Flood Management: Hesketh Out Marsh East Managed Realignment

Leeds University Masters student, Jenny Broomby, discusses progress on her Natural Flood Management study.

Natural Flood Management

The final week of my Masters project placement at JBA saw my final site visit to Hesketh Bank. Along with Rachelle Ngai, we went for an in-depth interview with Richard Shirres of the Environment Agency to discuss the Hesketh Out Marsh East Managed Realignment Scheme. This is a vast and impressive site on the Ribble Estuary which is being modified to create new saltmarsh habitat and sustainable flood defences. It is also significant for promoting carbon sequestration.

My project is focussed on partnership approaches to Natural Flood Management (NFM). It involves a comprehensive study through interviewing and surveying, to identify the factors that impact and shape the success of partnerships. The work will provide insight and guidance for future NFM schemes. Supported by JBA Consulting and the JBA Trust, the work is then being published in the Autumn to coincide with the Environment Agency’s national study into Working with Natural Processes schemes (WWNP). A scheme which is also being led by JBA.

The Hesketh Out Marsh NFM project is due for completion, with the breaches being made, in mid-August and it will be both exciting and interesting to watch the site develop into the future!

Want to know more?

We work with natural processes taking action to manage flood and coastal erosion risk by protecting, restoring and emulating the natural regulating function of catchments, rivers, floodplains and coasts.

This approach, through the use of more sustainable ‘soft’ and ‘green’ engineering techniques, together with appropriate changes in land management, contribute to the delivery of a wide range of other benefits to the environment and society.

For more information on Natural Flood Management (NFM) measures contact Rachelle Ngai. You can also visit our Catchment and River Restoration web pages.

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