JEMS Video Demonstration available now

We’re pleased to announce that a video of JBA’s Exercise Management System (JEMS) is now available on our Flood Emergency Planning page.

JEMS is our web-based flood exercising platform. Suitable for all responders to train and exercise their duty staff in flood response. JEMS delivers exercise materials such as injects, radar imagery, and weather forecast information at normal or compressed time rates.

Uniquely JEMS also replicates the Environment Agency’s telemetry systems. It provides rainfall and river data to duty offices as part of the scenarios. JEMS has also been linked with the EA’s standalone NFFS. Forecasting duty staff are therefore able to actively participate in training and exercising, allowing the rehearsal of forecast-led decision making.

We have an experienced and dedicated flood emergency planning team, with an established track record in designing and delivering emergency flood response exercises for a range of Category 1 and 2 Responders. Our team includes those who bring real-life experience in forecasting and warning flood risk as well as coordinating incident management during major flood events in the UK.

We can provide you with a complete exercise delivery solution, which includes:

  • Developing the scenario and injects to the agreed project aims and objectives
  • Design of a challenging and realistic Main Events List (MEL), containing all of the exercise injects (simulated phone calls, emails and other forms of communication)
  • Provision of JEMS, a proven and reliable exercise platform, together with additional materials as required (such as video recording facilities for mocked-up media interviews)
  • An experienced exercise delivery team, including Exercise Managers, facilitators, observers and remote players
  • A structured hot debrief and subsequent reflective debrief, to capture positive elements of the response, and areas for individual and organisational improvement
  • A post exercise report and targeted Action Plan.

Exercise Occam’s Razor

Exercise Occam’s Razor was a 3-day exercise, delivered to the EA’s forecasting and warning duty staff in Leeds and Newcastle. The exercise was based on Storm Desmond, a fluvial flood event which occurred in December 2015. The main objective was for duty staff to practice making effective forecast-led decisions. The functionality on JEMS to easily “fail” river gauges was also utilised during the exercise, to challenge duty staff further when required.

During the exercise, duty staff actioned the injects delivered via JEMS. These actions formed part of an electronic log, which was downloaded formed part of the post-exercise evaluation.

Read more about Exercise Occam’s Razor here.

Ongoing Modular Based Training

The EA at their Lichfield office had a tranche of newly recruited duty staff. They needed an ongoing training programme before being exposed to real-life flood situations. JEMS has been developed to provide this, via a hosting arrangement, with the EA training coordinator having been trained in how to operate JEMS with Exercise Manager rights. The programme provides access to a suite of four full exercises, each with mini-scenarios lasting 2-3 hours each. This provides a library of short training scenarios as required by the duty staff, provided as a modular based training programme.

Want to know more?

For more information please contact our Flood Resilience Lead Phil Emonson or visit our Flood Emergency Planning webpages.

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