JBA supports Women in Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (WiFCERM) initiative

JBA are pleased to support and be part of the Women in FCERM (WiFCERM) initiative. WiFCERM are a networking group of professionals set up to support and connect women working across the flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) sector.

WiFCERM are focussed on women and those who line-manage them, but this is within a broader context of striving for gender equality for everyone, so membership is open to all. The WiFCERM initiative encompasses research, mentoring, awards, communication and networking events at both a regional and national level.

“I’m really proud of work that the WiFCERM initiative have achieved over the last three years. We have reached out to hundreds of people through virtual and in person networking and created a space to champion and support the career development of women working in our industry. I encourage everyone to have a look at our website, find out more and take part in whatever way they can”.

Hannah Coogan, JBA Technical Director and Equalities and Diversity and Inclusion Champion.

“I joined WiFCERM in late 2019 initially wanting to further develop my career through mentoring and networking. I have gained so much more than I thought I would, not only new connections but new skills such as meeting facilitation, event organisation and working with a wider team beyond JBA Consulting. I am incredibly thankful for my WiFCREM network as during the pandemic we were able to support one another through a really challenging time. I’d encourage everyone to find out more and get involved in this incredible initiative”.

Lea Nightingale, Assistant Environmental Analyst and WEM BIM Coordinator.

What’s new?

WiFCERM recently launched their new website and we’re excited to share the latest updates from the initiative.

WiFCERM Awards 2021

Nominations for the 2021 WiFCERM Awards are now live and will close on 20th April. The WiFCERM Awards ‘celebrate male and female professionals who pro-actively in?uence and promote gender balance, diversity and inclusion in their workplace, project or sector’. The winners will be announced at the Flood and Coast Conference in June 2021. You can find out more here.

Women in FCERM Mentoring Programme

Following the success of 2019/2020 Women in FCERM Mentoring Programme, applications are now open for mentors and mentees from across the sector to join the spring 2021 group mentoring programme. Being a mentor can improve skills such as communication and leadership as well as allowing you to share your knowledge of your work area and experiences. Becoming a mentee in a group mentoring programme provides a safe haven for you to explore personal, work and career issues. It will give you an opportunity to gain insight and develop a network of people that can support your personal and career goals. Find out more about this programme here.

Women in FCERM questionnaire

You can have your say about the future of the WiFCERM initiative. Their benchmarking survey is now live and open for both individual and organisational responses until the 30th April 2021. You can find the survey here.

Networking events

Despite the impact of COVID-19, networking events are continuing virtually throughout the year. Upcoming networking events will be held in April and June at the Flood and Coast Conference 2021.

Want to know more?

For more information about WiFCERM you can visit their website, follow @WomenInFCERM on Twitter and follow their LinkedIn page here.

Thanks to our JBA colleagues Hannah Coogan, Lea Nightingale, Jack Dudman, Thomasin Sayers, Holly Cavill and Lucy Archer-Lock for supporting WiFCERM the initiative over the last few years.

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