JBA are out in force at BHS Symposium

The British Hydrological Society’s biennial symposium takes place on 12 and 13 September 2018. The theme of the symposium this year is “Hydrology: Advances in theory and practice”.

Hydrology is at the core of what we do so you won’t be surprised to see many of our experts on the programme. Here are the sessions we are contributing to so please come along and join in the discussions.

Day 1

  1. Small Catchment Flow Monitoring and Analysis to Inform Water Abstraction at a Scottish Distillery – David Cameron
  2. The hydroecological applications of hydraulic habitat modelling and mapping – Katie Burnham

Day 2

  1. Flood flows in North-west England – what’s happening? – Peter Spencer, Duncan Faulkner, Sean Longfield
  2. Integration of hillslope hydrology and hydraulics for improved flood and sediment modelling – Barry Hankin, P. Metcalfe, K.J. Beven, N.A. Chappell, T. Page and Rob Lamb
  3. A hydrological whodunnit: the role of hydrology in the court case following flooding of Cork in 2009 – Duncan Faulkner
  4. Lost ecosystem services – Jonathan Whitmore

Read the conference abstracts on the British Hydrological Society website. 

Poster presentation

We are also involved in the presentation of a poster on NERC Quantifying the likely magnitude of nature-based flood mitigation effects across large catchments (Q-NFM).

Want to know more?

Email Duncan Faulkner, Head of Hydrology for more information. You can also find out more on our flood and water management and environmental web pages.

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